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Tools to begin building an understanding of gender equity


From interpersonal relationships to domestic and international policies, our everyday actions and value systems are informed by messages we receive while living in a patriarchal society. This results in the systematic oppression of women, transgender people, and gender non-conforming people. Workplace harassment, lack of mentorship opportunities, wage gaps, and gender stereotypes are some of the areas that this discrimination manifests in organizations, and that impact the work. These kinds of discrimination are disproportionately harmful and, in some cases, violent, towards women and trans/gender nonconforming people. Committing to gender equity means that organizations provide resources, support, and an inclusive environment for people of marginalized genders to participate and engage in their work without experiencing discrimination due to their identities. By committing to gender equity, organizations are aiming to respect the dignity of their employees and their work.

Women Holding Hands
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