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Working As A Gender Champion in Nuclear Policy

The mission of The Prospect Hill Foundation is to advance the human experience while ensuring the well-being of the earth. A critical part of working towards this mission involves working as a gender champion in nuclear policy. 

Created in 2018, Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy (GNCP) is a leadership network in nuclear policy community committed to breaking down gender barriers and making gender equality a working reality. GNCP asks leaders of organizations whose mission includes nuclear policy to become "Gender Champions" by committing to specific needs and activities to promote equity. 

Uniquely designed to advance gender equity within their given organization, these commitments pertain to new or ongoing work to achieve gender equity in an organization and its activities. Commitments and the progress in meeting them are made public on the Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy website

To learn more about Gender Champions in Nuclear Policy, visit

The Prospect Hill Foundation is proud to be an organization working in nuclear policy that is committed to gender equity in its sphere of influence. To fulfill its commitment as a Gender Champion, The Prospect Hill Foundation has created this site to serve as a collection of resources to help create better gender equity in workspaces, particularly tailored to nuclear policy organizations.

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